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Family Room with Fireplace

Our Remodeling Services

Whether you are starting out with some basic changes, needing a few smaller repairs, or going all in on a dream remodel, you will get the benefit of our design and consulting services to get you started.

What's The Difference Between A Remodel And A Renovation?

There is a difference, though at times it may be subtle!  A remodel represents more of a change in form from the original design or layout, such as adding a new shower to a bathroom or the addition of an island to an existing kitchen. It would also included removing or opening a wall to create a more open floor plan. Technically, a renovation is a restoration of an existing space with upgrades in order to bring something older back to good form. This would include fixing an older hardwood floor or fixing the brick hearth of a fireplace.

Family Room with Fireplace


Coffered Ceilings



Window Trim

TV Mounts

Mantle & Fireplace Surrounds

Baseboard Moldings

Our Remodeling Services


  • Smart Lighting & Smart Locks

  • Low Voltage Speaker & AV Wiring

  • Drywall Repairs

  • Fireplace Box Inserts & Redesign

  • Hardware Install (e.g. Cabinet Door Pulls)

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