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Verona Home Remodeling & Renovations






Verona Home Remodeling & Renovations was founded to serve the North Texas / DFW area as a reliable, smart and affordable alternative to the mainstream design and remodeling contract industry.  


We manage this by focusing on our core strengths in business management, efficient planning, design acumen, and superior craftsmanship. We are about attention to detail and completeness. We make it our mission to deliver the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, while holding honesty, integrity and fairness above all. We recognize some of the shortcomings in the contracting industry and strive to make sure that OUR PROCESS - business practices, planning and integrity - are as important as any other area of our service business.  

We believe that ultimately there are affordable approaches to designing kitchen, bathroom and other home remodeling and renovation projects. Everyone wants or expects the lowest cost option with the highest quality service. Many clients have either experienced or heard of jobs that go terribly wrong and just expect that they must pay higher prices to get the best quality finished product. This creates a huge gap between the highest charging contractors (because they can) and the most unreliable contractors with often little confidence in choosing quality at good prices.  Sometimes the actual craftsmanship seems to be there but an overall lack business integrity, time management and organizational skills get in the way. 


Remodeling and design contracting begins with business integrity, smart and efficient planning and ultimately experienced professionals that know their experience level and their limitations. Verona Home Remodeling & Renovations demands excellence and attention to detail on and off the job site. When this process works as it should, less mistakes are made, contingencies are planned for, and full disclosures are given to clients. Customer service comes first.


What makes us different than other remodeling and design contractors is our quality guarantee, our reliability and our multi-step design consulting and remodeling quote/contract.  We formulate a detailed step by step quote and project implementation system, with specified job completion phases that all the home owner and Verona must sign off on the satisfaction of that phase before we collect any additional funds and move on to the next phase. Full disclosures are in given and in place that outline each phase of the job and what potential obstacles are inherently present in certain renovation phases (i.e., removing a wall around a potential water source where unforeseen damage might necessitate additional work; finding termites or compromised structure, previously unforeseen work that is not to building code). 


Industry Research - Sophisticated and Timeless Designs - Top Notch Materials - Precision Craftsmanship - Passion and Care - Experience - managing overall project and permits.

What is Craftsmanship? Craftsmanship is the quality that result from creating something within a trade with unswerving dedication, passion, care, and attention to detail. 


All too often, craftsmanship is replaced with the cheap and easy option. Not with Us! We pride ourselves in being meticulous in our work - not quick and cheap! Sometimes the level of craftsmanship just has to be factored into the budget.  There is no getting around the notion that a cabinet built with ornate and detailed carvings has a greater degree of craftsmanship, time and labor and is therefore more expensive. However, all these things are part of the equation when working with a design coordinator. This means our jobs are carefully thought through start to finish, with contingency plans factored into the process when faced with obstacles. It's the details and attention to detail that help ensure that we are not left trying to make up time for critical mistakes that leave the average contractor feeling like they need to cut corners to prevent excessive unplanned overruns.  

Almost every remodeling job should anticipate work-arounds, unforeseen issues and depending on the complexity of the renovation process, some non-critical errors. Experience and good planning factors obstacles into the renovation process and gives full disclosures to the client. Meeting expectations keeps the job moving forward, the client happy and the likelihood of a top-quality finished product that will live on with a beautiful home for years to come.


Kitchen with Marble Island

Modern Kitchen Designed For Function and Ultra-Clean Look

McKinney, Texas Based
Serving Dallas Metroplex

Our Process

Home remodeling and renovation begins with a vision and a style.  Next a design plan is established, whether professionally designed architectural plans are needed or a more general CAD produced layout with precise measurements.  Sometimes a structural engineer will need to be consulted when load bearing walls or floors are altered.  This process often goes hand-in-hand with the pulling permits for demos and rebuilding, electrical and plumbing changes.  Once designs are approved, an overall design and construction estimate can be established. 

Preconstruction Design

Pre-construction Planning takes Into Account Feasibility, Budget, Time Required, And Ability To Procure Necessary Permits.  Other Major Factors Are Involved.

Design & Construction Estimate

Critical Steps In The Process Often Requiring Professionals.

On-Site Consultations

Review progress, make adjustments to plans, etc.

The Finishing


Meet again with our design expert to confirm choices an integration of plumbing and lighting fixtures, hardware, smart home elements, and special decor features.


Remodeling and renovating can be a uncomfortable and risky leap of faith, even with the best due diligence when choosing a contractor. Part of our mission statement is to set a high standard in the contracting business. It's not just about the quality of our workmanship and level of expertise, but in the business of offering a professional service.

With that in mind, we provide our clients with a more detailed job quote with time specific payment blocks designed to help make sure large percentages of funds are not paid too far in advance. Our process involves a payment schedule tied to the satisfactory completion of various steps, materials ordered/used. Completion of the overall job is not a mystery, since all prior steps are satisfactorily signed off on, leading up to the final step. At the end, any gaps, dings, etc., are corrected as part of our quality guarantee.

Our Quality Guarantee

Verona Home Remodeling and Renovations guarantees we will deliver on what we promise and make your job right!

We start with our detailed design consultation process.  We offer a free initial consultation.  In some cases you may have already met with an Architect,  Structural Engineer, or Interior Designer.  If you plan on redesigning walls, making plumbing, HVAC, gas or electrical changes, permits may be required. We will walk you through this process and pull the necessary permits if we are acting as your general contractor for the complete job.

As part of our quality guarantee, we use an industry stand out multi-step quote system designed to have you, the home owner, approve each step in the process before we move on to the next phase.  Where possible, we won't ask for more than a fair share or percentage of the job up front, so that you feel satisfied with the progress, based on the money allocated. If we do require a more substantial block of funds in advance, it will be for specialty materials, appliances, fixtures or stone countertops that need to be ordered in advance and need to either be delivered directly to your home or to the workshop. These items will be signed off on by the home owner along the way as outlined above.

See "OUR PROCESS" above!


Tell us about your project today.

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